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İstanbul Havalimanı

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Venice - Istanbul
June 15, 2023
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Bucaramanga - Istanbul
June 5, 2023
32467.21starting from
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Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport, which is a subject investigated by many people who buy Istanbul Airport flight tickets, is an international airport serving in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city. Located in the European Side of Istanbul and on the Black Sea coast, Istanbul Airport was put into service on October 29, 2018. Making its first flight on the same day and making its first flight to Ankara, Istanbul airport is considered as an airport with an annual capacity of 200 million passengers if all stages are completed. 

About Istanbul Airport

Olmus Istanbul Airport, designed to serve with 2 terminals and 6 independent runways, stands out for being the second largest airport in the world. Istanbul Airport, which was decided to be built due to the density and insufficient capacity of Istanbul Atatürk Airport, is known as the last airport of Istanbul. 

Istanbul Airport Transportation

It is possible to state that there are different methods that can be preferred to provide transportation to Istanbul Airport. If you prefer public buses, you can easily reach the new airport with IETT lines h1, h2, h3, h6, h8 and h9. 

If you want to reach Istanbul Airport by metro, you can choose Mahmut Bey metro stop and get off at the Police Station to reach Istanbul Airport. It is also possible to reach Istanbul Airport with the Mecidiyeköy metrobus. 

If you do not favor these in your choice, you can choose private vehicles that serve for transportation to the airports. These vehicles, which provide transportation from certain points to the airport for a certain fee, have become a very comfortable method. 

Is There a Private Transportation Vehicle to Istanbul Airport?

There are private transportation vehicles that serve for transportation to Istanbul Airport. 

Is There Parking At Istanbul Airport?

If you are going to travel to Istanbul Airport with your personal vehicle, there is a parking lot within the airport that you can choose. 

Is There a Currency Exchange Office at Istanbul Airport?

Standing out with its highly developed and modern structure, Istanbul Airport has a currency exchange office, which is preferred by local and foreign tourists and continues to serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

How many hours before the flight should I arrive at the airport?

If you have a flight to depart from Istanbul Airport, you must be at the airport at least one hour before. 

How to Reach Lost Items at Istanbul Airport?

If you want to retrieve any of your belongings lost at Istanbul Airport, you should contact the lost and found office of the airport.

Are there any catering establishments at Istanbul Airport?

There is a section where many different businesses are located, where you can meet your food and drink needs and spend time while waiting for your flight. In this section, you can have a pleasant time and meet your eating and drinking needs. 

Is Istanbul Airport Always Open?

Istanbul Airport is an airport known to be open as long as the flights continue. 

Is it possible to enter Istanbul Airport without an ID?

Even if no identity check is made when entering Istanbul Airport, it is obligatory to present an Istanbul Airport flight ticket and identity card for the plane. Otherwise, it will not be possible to board the plane. 

Is it allowed to smoke at Istanbul Airport?

Considering the rules regarding smoking in the terminal, it should be noted that smoking is not allowed at Istanbul Airport, but it is possible to smoke in open areas. 

How to Buy a Flight Ticket for Istanbul Airport?

To buy Istanbul Airport flight tickets, you can choose internet sites or ticket offices, so you can buy tickets to any point you want within minutes. However, if you do not want to buy your ticket in advance, you can obtain your ticket from the customer representatives who also sell tickets at the airport.