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Thanks to Zanzibar flight ticket deals, you can reach Tanzania in a safe and comfortable way. In this way, your holiday plan will be perfect and your journey will be realized in an affordable way. Zanzibar (Unguja), located in the east of the African continent, is a semi-continental island consisting of many small islands connected to Pemba and Tanzania. The region is famous for tourism. Many celebrities and Queen Freddie's lead singer live here. It is also famous for Stonw Town, the birthplace of Mercury. The capital of Zanzibar, an island in the Indian Ocean, is Zanzibar City, the largest city of the island, 90 km long and 30 km wide.

Zanzibar, connected to Tanzania in the east of the African continent, brings you together with a fascinating tropical holiday experience with its turquoise sea and different scents of spices. Zanzibar is a place worth seeing, with the oldest city in the UNESCO list, impressive beaches, luxury hotels and a mystical structure. One of the most interesting facts about Zanzibar is that the island is not yet occupied by tourists. For this reason, its relatively natural structure is intact. From this point of view, Zanzibar is one of the best choices for those who care about privacy and do not like crowds. You can come to this unique place by taking advantage of the Zanzibar flight ticket deals.

When to go to Zanzibar?

Annual temperatures in Zanzibar are always close to each other. The annual average temperature is 27 - 28 degrees Celsius. The temperature value certainly does not go below 20 degrees. It is better to plan your Zanzibar holiday in the dry season in order to see all the shades of blue. Although the weather conditions can change from time to time, in July you can see the transition to the famous Mala City, which you watch in major migration documentaries. After this migration, the animals are gathered in the Masai Mara region of Kenya between August and October. The animals leave Kenya and Mara around November.

Where to Stay in Zanzibar?

The best thing about Zanzibar is the sea and sun, as well as holiday opportunities for culture and exploration. You can spend 4 days here to see all the beauties of Zanzibar and you can evaluate the accommodation options that are ideal for you. The hotels you can stay in Zanzibar meet all your expectations. Among the hotels you can stay in Zanzibar, you can create a perfect travel plan by choosing a place that appeals to your taste, wishes and needs.

Places to Visit in Zanzibar

There are places in Zanzibar where you can see the sea, warm weather and interesting animals. Apart from this, there are many tourists in the Zanzibar region. To come to this region where you can feel the African culture and experience an unforgettable journey, you should examine the flight ticket options to Tanzania.

Stone Town

Persian, Portuguese and Arabian influences can be seen in Stone Town, which is located in the very center of Zanzibar and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In Stone Town, where you will often see historical buildings with ornate doors, you can explore markets selling colorful products, streets, seaside castles, slave markets, and slave quarters where slaves were kept. In Tanzania, one of the last countries to ban slavery, structures are open to the public to commemorate and witness the past.

Zanzibar (Unguja) Island

It is a part of the largest island located in Zanzibar. Adjacent to Stone Town on the west side, this island is a favorite place for tourists to stay. You will spend most of your time on this island during your holiday. Below is more information about places to visit here. Fishing boats are usually used to go to other islands from here. The situation is different on Pemba Island.

Prison Island

Prison Island is one of the must-see places in Zanzibar. Slaves were imprisoned on this island for years, and those who contracted the plague were quarantined. However, it is a tourist center that attracts a lot of attention today. It is a place where you can see the turquoise water with giant turtles over 100 years old in the sea. If you can bargain with the fishermen in Stone Town, you can arrive here in 20 minutes.


If you came to the islands for sea, sand and sun, Nungwi is the best place for you. To the north of here, the turquoise waters fascinate. Here you can enjoy the beautiful sea and get different experiences by spending very little money. This is the famous tidal zone in Zanzibar. You can swim at low tide as well as at high tide.


Kendwa is a town located next to Nungwi. A place full of turquoise waters with honeymoon hotels and luxury resorts. At low tide, it is a 45-minute walk from Nungwi Beach to Kendwa. When the tide is high, the beach is flooded and it is not possible to walk.

Spice Garden Tour

Spice garden tour is an activity that tourists find fun in Zanzibar. One of the reasons for the wealth on the perfect island, of which it is a former colony and the capital of Oman, is the production of spices as a result of the initiative of the Sultanate of Oman. Although the spice production is not similar to the previous ones, various fruit and spice trees can be seen here. Spices are made from these trees, and tourists can taste the tropical fruits in the gardens. Climbing coconut trees in agile Zanzibar and watching them transform into kings and queens with rings, crowns and similar accessories made from palm leaves is the highlight of the Spice Tour.

Jozani Forest Tour

Giant trees in the Jozani Forest, located in the middle of Zanzibar Island, are under protection. It can be thought of as a national park. The most important feature of this forest is that the endemic and endangered Red Colobus Monkey, which is only found in Zanzibar, lives here. You cannot do trekking alone in the Jozani Forest. There are tours with groups of 10 people accompanied by a guide. This has a downside. Everyone comes here just to see and photograph the monkeys. As soon as the monkeys are seen, the groups disperse and the trip is over.


Paje is located on the west side of Zanzibar (Unguja) Island. This place is located very high. Also, the sea is very volatile. This is the biggest reason that attracts surfing lovers to Paje. Paje is more popular with younger visitors than other parts of the island.

Nungwi Mnarani Aquarium

Located on the northernmost beach of Zanzibar, Nungwi Manarani Aquarium was established by a group of volunteers to prevent the extinction of sea turtles in the region. This wonderful project was realized thanks to the help of the villagers. Tourists pay an entry fee, and this money is spent protecting the turtles. Tourists participating in this excellent project can see and feed the turtles up close. You should definitely go to this aquarium, which is one of the important and meaningful places to see in Zanzibar.

People's Palace Museum Zanzibar

One of the must-see places in Zanzibar and one of the places you should definitely include in your travel plan is the People's Palace Museum. It was built in the late 19th century as a palace for the Sultan of Zanzibar and his family. Today, it serves as a museum. It got its current name after the 1964 revolution. This building, which was used as a state building until 1994, was turned into a museum in 1994. While visiting the museum, you can learn some striking facts about the royal family.

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